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Dongjiang Chaujia Preying Mantis

Introduction ( Information provided by master Li Tien-Lai )

Southern Preying Mantis

The Southern Preying Mantis could be split into three main branches:

-        Chaujia/Chow Gar (Chau's family Praying Mantis)

-        Chujia/Chu Gar (Chu's family Praying Mantis)

-        Tieniu/Ti Au (Iron Ox Praying Mantis)

Chaujia (Chau's family Preying Mantis

Founder Chau Ah-Nan promoted martial arts in Chaujiacun, Guangdong. Claiming to be authentic style of the Shaolin Temple.

Chujia ( Chu's family Preying Mantis )

Founder Chu Lung-Bu-Ah-Nan. Promoted martial arts in Chujiacun, Guangdong

Tieniu ( Iron Ox Preying Mantis )

Founder Tsai Tie-Niu. Founded in Heyuen, Guangdong

Dongjiang Chaujia Preying Mantis

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Chaujia Preying Mantis, also know as Southern Mantis, originated from the Shaolin Temple of Fujian. Founder Chau Ah-Nam was a Hakka of the Xingling area of Guangdong. He worked as a chef in Shaolin. One day while he was among the woods, he witnessed a battle between a Preying Mantis and a bird. This inspired him to imitate the movements of the little insect into martial arts techniques. He toyed with the Mantis with a piece of grass and observed his moves. In time, he developed his own Preying Mantis fighting style. Later, he was given several advises from the Shaolin Monk Chan Yan and become one of the grandmasters of the time. Leaving a most unique mark in the history of Chinese martial arts.

            Later, he passed it on to Wang Fu-Gao as well as Lau Shui. Lau Shui was a Hakka who was known for his "Chaujia-Tanglang-Sanjian" ( the three arrows of Chaujia preying mantis ). Of which his signature staff art Tanglang-puchangun was the most superb. In his youth, he was undefeated in his homeland of Dongjiang. The people there even called him "Laushuigun" (Lau Shui Staff ). In the early years, this art was taught only to males. However later on during the fall of the Qing dynasty, he fled to Hong Kong in which he taught the art to , Tang Chun Lum, Leung Gru Siu, Chu Goon Wah (King of Strength) , Lee Chang, Tam Gon Chui, Tse Chon (Iron Bone) , Tam Wah (Ghost Kicks) , Lau Wai Keung, Lum Wah , Fong On , Yip Hei , Yeung Sua , Lee Kam, Lam Wai, Sun Hing , Chow Man Tze, Lee Wai , Chu Chai Ng, Wu Lin, Chui Yiu Fai and Yip Sui (Current official grandmaster of the school of Chaujia Preying Mantis)

The current official grandmaster of the school of Chau Preying Mantis from Xinhui and not a native Hakka. He started learning martial arts from Master Lau Shui in the year 1931. At the time, the location of the place was 2/F, 11 Malacca Street, HungHom. He was be to be a student of Lau Shui because during the times the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong, Lau Shui was placed in a dangerous situation with no one who was willing to help. It was fortunate that Yip Sui and his wife offered their hand and fed and nursed the man during these times. As a way to repay their kindness, he wrote down the essence of Chaujia Preying Mantis fighting theories and gave it to the couple. In addition, he also taught them the secrets of the art.

Master Yip began teaching in the year 1948 at 1/F, 52 Bulkeley Street, HungHom

He was well known for this excellence at Routines, Leigukung, Jingchanjing as well as Tanglang-puchangun

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Yip Sui ( Current grandmaster of Chaujia Preying Mantis )

Xinfa ( Mind Formula ):

Ding yet not Ding, eight yet not eight, hand strikes from the mouth and heart, if you don't come, I don't attack. If the bridge comes, cross the bridge, if the bridge is not present, make a bridge. The bridge changes according to the hands. Hands includes Fengyan, Jiangya and Wenchui. Claw palm includes Bau, Jeau, Yau, Chwun, Ya, Xiao, Dou, Ge, Pi, Ding, Cha, Xi, and Cha Fist forms consists mainly of Sanbujian, Yauqiao, Pyiqiao and Shiban-jingjing.  Others developed from this comprise of Jingchan, Lieqiao and Pianqiao. The most famous power used is Jingchanjing. For weapons, Tiechi, Shangdao, Dapa, Tanglang-zhuifungjian, Wuxinggun, dushegun, buchangun are used.

The power of Chaujia Preying mantis is split into Dawujing ( five large power ) and Xiaowujing (five little power ).

Taujing ( head power ), Zhanjing ( palm power ), Yuojing ( waist power), Xiongjing ( Chest power ), Bujing ( Stepping power )Xiaowujing:
Ejing ( forehead power ), Yanjing (eye power ), Yajing ( teeth power ), Houjing ( throat power ), Jingjing ( neck power ).

Jingjing ( different to neck power ):

Also known commonly as "dynamic force" as how the west would see it. Most of the time, we see power and strength displayed which is only from one part of the body. But from events of history has told us, it is often seen that a person could display the strength many times over their "limit". This power which is generated unconsciously is enormous is has yet to be known to have a limit. The training of this change it to becoming a conscious power.